Effective Fitness Routines

A guy goes to the gym for a lot of reasons. To get strong, pack on some muscle, look good, stand out in a crowd. You probably have your own reasons. But here’s are question:

Are you getting the best possible

results from the time and effort you’re putting in?

If you have the guts and the dedication to hit the gym regularly you damn well deserve the best results possible for your efforts.  Are you getting them? Unfortunately, chances are you’re not.  And it’s not your fault. 



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The sad fact is that we’ve been fed a lot of baloney (to use a polite term) about what really works when it comes to building muscle, dropping fat, getting fit and looking great.  Some so-called experts are the worst offenders.

Fortunately, the situation is starting to change.  There’s been an avalanche of research in recent years into exactly how athletes can get the best results safely and in the least time possible.  At first, this was mainly for elite level athletes.  Now the rest of us can take advantage of this new knowledge.  And here’s the best part.

The research definitely proves that you can get the best results in less time than ever thought possible!  In fact, long, grueling workouts may actually be hurting your results and holding you back.  That’s not the way to go these days.

Instead, you can balance targeted workouts with proper nutrition to gets results that will turn heads and have you brimming with pride and confidence.

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